eScience Symposium

Reporting on the Symposium can only mean one thing…the MAC Annual meeting is over!  It’s always so nice to see friendly, familiar faces, meet new ones, and learn new something at the same time.  So while I’m a little sad it’s over, I’m also relieved as that means my weekly Symposium planning conference calls are over for now.  🙂  So while I’d like to say I don’t plan on saying the word eScience anytime soon, I won’t because I shouldn’t (and neither should you).

As most of us are still trying to figure out what the heck eScience is and what librarians and libraries can do, it was refreshing to hear about some current initiatives.  The afternoon offered a wonderful opportunity to hear and think about the value of and challenges in eScience.  Neil Rambo, our keynote speaker, and our panelists each gave us an interesting take on eScience.  See the MAC Twitter feed for some interesting highlights!  All of this led to some lively discussions in the roundtables.

Don’t worry, I plan on posting all the presentations from the Symposium next week once things settle down.  The event was also recorded and the notes from the roundtables will be transcribed.  All of this will be made available in the future.  And stay tuned for the next eScience bootcamp offering Janice mentioned during her RML update and Bart announced at the Symposium.

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