Help Choose Your MLA Leaders—Call for Nominations for MLA Offices

The MLA Nominating Committee is identifying potential candidates for the fall 2015 election. If you would like to recommend someone to be nominated for president or the board, or would like to be considered yourself, please send current curriculum vitae and a paragraph outlining why the recommended person would be a good candidate to one of the members of the Nominating Committee listed below by May 6th.

The 2015 Nominating Committee members are reviewing the job descriptions for president-elect/president/past president and Board of Directors members and are discussing desired attributes for candidates, as well as the importance of multiple types of diversity in the slate.

You can find the job description for president-elect/president/past president at .

You can find the job description for Board of Directors members at .

Reviewing what is required of people in these positions might help you determine who would be potential candidates.

The process for selecting candidates and electing the MLA president-elect and members of the MLA Board is described on pages 2-4 of the MLA Bylaws,  (log in to MLANET to access). The slate will contain at least two candidates for president-elect (president during 2017/18) and at least four candidates for the two vacant Board of Directors positions (2016/17-2018/19 term). The Nominating Committee will meet at MLA ’15 in Austin to finalize the list of candidates.

MLA 2015/2016 Nominating Committee:

Marie Ascher
Donna Berryman
Michael Fitts
Stephanie Fulton, AHIP
Emily Hurst, AHIP
Dixie Jones, AHIP, chair
Latrina Keith
Julie Kwan, AHIP
Terri Ottosen, AHIP
Brandi Tuttle, AHIP
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