Investigating COVID Food and Drink Policies

Good afternoon colleagues,
I’m hoping to gather some information about your current library food and drink policies. The context is that we’re getting frequent complaints from students about the fact that we’re not allowing food and drink except for quick sips of water in library spaces, coupled with the fact that our dining services locations have gone down to 1 chair per table to prevent COVID-19 spread. I’d love to have some more context about current practices at health sciences libraries in the chapter.
If you have time, could you please add info about your library’s food and drink policies to this spreadsheet (using the HSL tab if possible) at your earliest convenience? I’ve filled in VCU’s info to get the ball rolling. Even if your library is physically closed, thus making my question obsolete, I’d appreciate you noting that, too. I’d love to have the info by Thursday at noon if possible, but of course, there’s no real deadline.
Groups from Virginia through VIVA and elsewhere have also been asked to add information to this document, so apologies if there is any duplication!
Thank you so much!
Emily Hurst


Emily J. Hurst, MSLS
Interim Director and Associate Dean
VCU Libraries | Health Sciences Library
Virginia Commonwealth University
509 N. 12 St. | Box 980582
Richmond, VA 23298-0582


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