Job Postings (multiple): Head of Technical Services; Systems Librarian; Electronic Resources Librarian, Brown University

Dear colleagues:
Please forward as appropriate and refer interested parties to

The Brown University Library encourages information professionals from a
variety of backgrounds and perspectives to apply for the following open

» Head, Technical Services

» Systems Librarian

» Electronic Resources Librarian

With inspired leadership from the Associate University Librarian for
Scholarly Resources and a road map provided by the Library’s new Strategic
Plan, these core team members will collaborate to drive innovation and
excellence in a revitalized Scholarly Resources Department.

Critical to the 21st-century scholarship that will impact global society
for generations, research in STEM fields is an area of significant priority
and growth at Brown. The Library is refreshing and bolstering our Scholarly
Resources Department in order to support STEM scholarship at the highest
level. Welcoming new staff together in these key roles offers the Library
and the incumbents the rare opportunity to build a team of complementary
strengths, shared vision, and authentic perspectives in a dynamic and
supported environment.

All members of the Brown University Library team are vital contributors to
our mission to advance instruction, learning, and research at Brown
University in an environment of creativity and inclusivity. A community of
academic, professional, and organizational learning, the Library embraces
people who span a wide range of viewpoints, life experiences, and
intellectual pursuits. Together, we preserve the past and innovate for the
future. We invite candidates with initiative, unique perspectives,
inventive thinking, and a passion for collaboration to join the
University’s global mission of leadership and academic excellence.

*Erika Sevetson, MS*
*Director of Academic Engagement for Health, Biomedical, and Physical
Sciences, *Brown University Library <>
*Medical Librarian, Alpert Medical School*
Box G-M155
Providence, RI 02912
(401) 863-5150

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