Kate McGraw retiring from UNC-CH Health Sciences Library

Kate McGraw, of the Health Sciences Library, will retire effective January 1, 2018, after nearly 19 years of service at the UNC-CH University Libraries.

Kate moved to North Carolina in 1999 from Baltimore, where she worked at the Enoch Pratt Library. When Kate relocated, she did not want a job at any library; rather she took her time looking for “just the right library job,” says Carol Jenkins, former Director of HSL. She continues, “That said something about Kate that has been proven over and over during her years at HSL. She knew what she wanted and devoted herself to making that the right choice.”

Kate’s strong commitment to the campus community, and passion for the health sciences fields, have made her an integral part of multiple units on campus. Throughout her career at Carolina, she developed strong partnerships with students, faculty and staff in areas like anesthesiology, public health and dentistry. Dr. David C. Mayer of UNC Anesthesiology, says, “Of all the professional relationships I have made in over 25 years as a faculty anesthesiologist, none have been more satisfying than working with Kate. Her dedication, work ethic, and can-do spirit were obvious from day one! It has truly been my pleasure.” Kate’s skills in expert literature searching led to many collaborations with systematic review teams who frequently recognized her contributions with co-authorship or acknowledgment on the resulting publications.

She has served as HSL’s librarian for the School of dentistry since 1999. Dr. Gary Slade, a professor in the School of Dentistry, says, “Kate has enriched the school’s teaching, research and service missions by sharing her expertise in conducting systematic reviews; applying evidence-based principles to dentistry; and use of the library’s resources for publication, analysis, and bibliometrics.”

Peers praise Kate as an esteemed colleague from whom they have learned many lessons. Fran Allegri, Assistant Director for Clinical, Academic, and Research Engagement, who has worked with Kate since she started at HSL says, “I have come to rely on her perspective, kindness, whole-picture-of-the-person thinking. She has truly been a colleague I treasure for her warmth, talents, knowledge, and high standards.” K.T. Vaughan, former colleague of Kate, adds: “I am immensely grateful for Kate’s mentorship and friendship over the years. I would not be the librarian I am today without her helping me learn who I was as a librarian… She also taught me to always have a wrap in [my] office, libraries get cold and it’s more stylish than a cardigan. Bonus points if you knit it yourself.”

When asked what Nandita Mani, PhD, Director of HSL, admires about Kate, Mani says, “She never hesitates – and actually loves – following her curiosity and digging deep to learn a subject for a project in which she is a part.” As for where her curiosity will take her when she retires, Kate says, “I look forward to spending more time with my family and pursuing my favorite hobbies such as fabric crafts, gardening and photography.” Kate does, however, admit that she “will miss learning something new every day from all of my colleagues at UNC.”

As Dr. Slade said; let’s “honor, recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Kate McGraw, for whom we wish the very best as she pursues a well-deserved retirement.”

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