MAC 2015: Paper & Poster Submissions due Fri., June 5

I saw some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G presentations at this year’s MLA conference in Austin, many of which came from local experts in our MACMLA region.

  • Carrie Iwema, Melissa Ratajeski, and Andrea Ketchum talked about the unintended outcomes of how you ask survey questions, as part of the fabulous Failing Forward panel moderated by Emily Mazure
  • David Nolfi described his work on interprofessional information literacy education
  • Stephen Barkley presented a poster about using data to inform library decisions, like building operations
  • Kimberley Barker gave the most hilarious talk about the Internet of Things
  • Dale Prince mused about his experiences with the Apple Watch, including the phantom Pandora app

While not everyone was able to attend MLA, I always think this is a nice reminder that we are all doing GREAT work in this region and you should share your projects, your research, and your accomplishments at the upcoming MACMLA 2015 meeting. If you want to hear more about these activities at MAC, you should also encourage these presenters to submit, too.  If that doesn’t entice you or these presenters, the cash prizes from MAC’s Research and Assessment Committee should.  For more details about the Call for Papers and Posters, please visit the original MAC Messages post.

Deadline – Abstracts are due Friday, June 5, 2015.

For any questions, please contact Carolyn Schubert ( or Rex Robison (

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