MAC 2017: Travel Reminders & Announcements

We are looking forward to having you join us in Staunton, Virginia for the 2017 MACMLA Annual Meeting! Come meet up with colleagues, hear some great speakers, and step out of your normal routine for a change of small town scenery. Here are a few last-minute tips and updates

Mostly warm and pretty dry. However, bring an umbrella for later in the week!

Travel Routes
Sometimes you have to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, so feel free to carve out a bit of time to explore some stops along the way to Staunton.
– Scenic Fall Drives (
– Virginia Distillery Recommendations map (
– Virginia Wine Trails map (
– Virginia Historical Highway Markers (

Local Area
Downtown Staunton is a very walkable area, but has a few hills so bring comfortable shoes to help you explore. Our Local Arrangements Teams has done a fantastic job showcasing cool spots around downtown Staunton; check out their recommendations #macmla2017 or use the Traipse app (

Conference Details
We are sticking with a green registration system, so you’ll find most information online, such as
– Schedule (
– Welcome Reception (Don’t forget your pearls for the traditional Pearl Girl picture!)
– Service Project (including your donations)

Thank you to our Conference Sponsors and our MAC Conference Committee Members for helping make this a great event! Safe travels and see you soon 🙂

Carolyn Schubert & Kimberley Barker
MAC 2017 Co-Chairs


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