MAC Officer Election Coming Soon

From Andrea Horne:

Greetings all,

It is time for MAC members to elect new officers. The candidates’ biographical sketches are now available on the MAC Website:

Election Details:

Current MAC members as of August 3, 2009 will receive ballots. Check the current membership listing at to determine your status. Visit the MAC Membership page at to renew your membership.

Ballots will be sent to individual e-mail addresses via Survey Monkey during the week of August 3. Voting will end August 26.

If you are not an MLA member (according to the MAC membership database), your ballot will include candidates for Chair-Elect only.

If you are a MAC and MLA member (according to the MAC Membership database) your ballot will include candidates for Chair-Elect, MAC Nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee, Chapter Council Representative, and Chapter Council Representative, Alternate.

This year, candidates for Chapter Council Representative and Chapter Council Representative – Alternate will be running unopposed. For Representative, Jonathan Lord has served three years as Alternate, and, as is MAC’s practice, runs unopposed for Representative. For Alternate, Melissa Ratajeski was in mid-term as Pittsburgh Chapter’s Alternate at the time of the merger. The MAC Board and Nominating Committee advocated for Melissa to continue in her position, now as MAC’s Alternate, to bring immediate representation to MAC for the Western Pennsylvania area, and to further the merger process.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the election.


Andrea Horne

MAC Immediate Past-Chair and Chair, Nominating Committee

Andrea S. Horne, MILS

Associate Director for Information Services

Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

P.O. Box 800722

Charlottesville, VA 22908-0722

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