MAC Vision Scholarship Report – submitted by Nick Clements, University of Pittsburgh student

The MAC-MLA annual meeting was an excellent experience as a student currently attending library school. The CE courses provided a wonderful opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of highly specialized topics and tools. The infographics CE course provided information about a number of excellent resources for me to discover, and the active learning course laid out a detailed, efficient framework to follow when trying to inject more engaging activities into instruction. After these courses, meeting and talking to people so passionate about their varied roles within medical librarianship on Sunday night and during the poster exhibitions presented an exciting view of the profession and the current projects on which people are working. Leighton Ku’s talk about health care reform laid out an excellent overview of an extremely complicated topic. His discussion of how bias is now a matter of “whoever disagrees with me” enlightened the debate surrounding the issue, and also how setbacks to implementation of the ACA are intrinsically connected to this divisive political landscape. Finally, the panel on the future of medical librarianship was extremely prescient to me, as I seek to enter the field. Hearing Ellen Detlefsen talk about all that was going on at Pitt inspired me to look more closely at my upcoming course schedule to try to more fully move to a mode of forward thinking about the possibilities within my future career. The entire panel as well as Betsey Humphrey’s later talk showed me the possibility within my career and helped to excite me about where I’m going next. While I unfortunately had to miss Tuesday, I will be interested in seeing what Dr. Grigsby had to say about leading in an organizational setting.

The MAC vision scholarship program was integral to my experience at the conference. It not only increased my awareness of the conference, but also helped me experience it more fully. I’d like to thank the entire recruitment committee, my mentor Susan Walko, and all participants in the program for enriching my experience and welcoming me into their professional world. For me, this conference experience helped move medical librarianship from a possibility to a career goal.

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