Message from the Chair, J. Dale Prince

From Dale:

I write this as I pack for the annual MLA meeting in Hawaii, a meeting that will be bittersweet at best: in this economic climate there is no doubt that many faces from our region will be missing. It won’t be the same if I can’t run around taking pictures of MAC members cutting a rug at the luau and then posting them on Flickr for the world to see.

But the world is full of second chances: if I cannot invade your privacy in Hawaii, I truly hope that you will be in attendance at the “3 by the Sea” TriChapter Conference in Atlantic City, October 5-8 at the Resorts Hotel and Casino. The hotel is charming (and wildly inexpensive!), the casino is smoke-free, and the boardwalk… well, it’s a boardwalk: a place to blow your diet while walking the calories off at the same time. I’m looking forward to doing both! Oh, and buying clothes at the outlets down the street from the hotel. How is it that the Gap Outlet manages to snag my money every time I’m in Atlantic City even though there’s a Gap Outlet in Baltimore?

The TriChapter planning committee has been working hard at pulling this event together, and I’m very excited about the speakers they have on the slate: Dr. PM Forni, who is often featured on NPR, speaking on civility, Lee Rainie from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, and our own MJ Tooey!. The conference website is at: Although, registration is not yet available, attendance and hotel costs are posted. Please do note that the conference is longer than usual because the event is also larger than usual, the planners feel an extra day is needed.

In other news I’m pleased that the vote to merge the Pittsburgh and MAC chapters was an overwhelming yes. The benefits to both groups are great, but, frankly, as someone who recently did conference planning, I have a selfish tendency to focus on the fact that this means we have another city to put into the conference cycle and an extra year before it rolls back around to me or you! Not that planning isn’t fun and rewarding, but once every five (now six!) years is sufficient. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, so I hope that we fit them into the cycle sooner rather than later.

Now: flip-flops or sandals? No need for sunblock since I will be too busy for the beach. And the flip flops are for section meetings. You know: in case the rooms in the conference hotel are too hot. Because, again, I’ll be too busy to wear the flip-flops on the beach.

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