New MAC Website Address

From Adam Glazer:

The MAC Communications Committee announces a new Web site address for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association: !

The MAC Web site has been hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University since its creation about 12 years ago. The entire Chapter owes a debt of gratitude to VCU for not only providing the server space for the Web site, but also for assistance over the years from their IT technical support for when the Web site didn’t work quite right. But, for various reasons, VCU was unable to continue to host our Web site, so MAC purchased both space and a domain name — — from a commercial company.

This means that you can start using the new MAC Web site address,, immediately. Since the old address — and that newer address — will be going away very soon, there’s no need to worry about using them anymore. Please note, however, that the Web site’s directory structure has changed a bit (in addition to the domain name), so simply substituting “” with the “” portion of a bookmarked address probably won’t work. In short, you’ll need to change any MAC-MLA-related bookmarks you might have.

Other than changed addresses, you shouldn’t notice any difference with the MAC Web site. Many of the links found within issues of MAC Messages will be broken, and these will be fixed in due time. And, the search feature on the MAC Web site will be updated as well. If you come across any other broken links in the coming weeks and months, please send them along to me and they’ll be fixed as soon as possible. And, if you have any questions about the Web site’s transition, please feel free to ask.

Adam (for the MAC-MLA Communications Committee)

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