Reminder: Cultural Competence and Healthcare Webinar Wednesday December 12

Join us next Wednesday, December 12th at 10am CT / 9am MT for our final SCR CONNECTions of 2018! Our guest speaker Stephnie Farmerie will present Cultural Competence and Its Effect on Healthcare: Notes from the Field.

Full details for the session can be found below or on our website No registration is required, and the session will be eligible for 1 hour of MLA CE credit. Please feel free to pass this on to other interested parties!

Also a big thank you to everyone who attended this week’s Patient Safety webinar, Health and Nutrition Literacy: The Social Determinants of Health, Healing & Patient Safety. Guest speaker Dr. Teresa Wagner mentioned the importance of cultural competence and cultural humility in the presentation, so it was a perfect segue to our webinar next week! If you missed it, the recording is now available on our YouTube channel. You can find the link on our website or view the video directly here:

Title: Cultural Competence and Its Effect on Healthcare: Notes from the Field Guest Speaker: Stephnie Farmerie, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Nurse Practitioner at Clinica Hispana de La Paz

Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Time: 10am CT / 9am MT

Description: As a health care provider, it is important to know your community and the culture of the community. How you respond to certain situations can impact the health of the community. While cultural competence is important within underserved communities, it is also important in providing care to mainstream communities as well.  We will discuss the terms cultural competence and cultural humility and the implications of these terms. We will also discuss how a person becomes culturally competent and the biggest indicator of cultural competence.

Speaker Bio: Stephnie Farmerie is a seasoned health care practitioner having practiced over 35 years as both an RN and FNP. She has always had a passion for understanding and working with underserved populations. Her time as a nurse has taken her to the inner-city hospitals and clinics of Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga. She has worked as a Nurse Practitioner in remote clinics in South Dakota, Nevada, and Idaho. Stephnie is currently working in a Hispanic clinic in Nashville while completing a PhD in Nursing. Her dissertation focus is on cultural competence as related to traditional Hispanic treatment of diabetes. She is an active member of the Transcultural Nursing Society and the Rural Nurse Organization.

For more information: No registration is required for this class.

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