Share Your Experiences at MACMLA 2014 by Being a MAC Messages Blogger

Last year, we were able to promote the excellent scholarship and service of MAC members, as well as share continuing education from the plenary speakers.  This year, consider being a MAC Messages blog correspondent and become a MAC celebrity.

Each correspondent will create 1 blog post based on the following categories.


  • Distinguished Member (10+ years): Post from the perspective of an experienced MAC member/librarian, including observed changes and the long view on the profession and the meeting.
  • First Timer: Post from the perspective of a first-time annual meeting attendee; could include experiences with events and services such as Conference Mentor, or other topics.
  • Plenary Session Blogger: Provide a report on one of the speakers
  • Lifelong Learner: Post on what you’re learning through one of the CE courses or at the meeting in general
  • Social Butterfly: Discuss all that Pittsburgh has to offer outside the MACMLA meeting.

To apply to be a blog correspondent, email Carolyn Schubert, the Communications Chair, at schubecf{at}  Please submit your information by Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Your prize: MAC fame, glory, and my appreciation

Remember to also share your thoughts and communicate with the other members throughout the meeting using the #macmla2014 conference hashtag

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