Student Vision Scholar’s Reflection on 2018 MAC Annual Meeting

Jordan Wrigley, 2018 MAC Student Vision Scholarship Recipient

Attending the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting of the Medical Library Association was a tremendous introductory experience. Since moving to the Southeast from the Northwest U.S. I’ve experience a number of firsts including the first time seeing the Atlantic on the ground and my first work as a medical librarian. Having only started an internship at Duke University Medical Center Library and LS degree at UNC-Chapel Hill this fall, MAC was the first opportunity I had to be integrated into the regional medical and health library community.

My first impression of the MAC community was one of welcome, support, and mentorship where my newness to the field was a reason for excitement and enthusiasm. This enthusiasm ran throughout the presentations, research, and discussions at MAC whether considering the best tools to sift through mountains of literary data, who patrons are and how best librarians can serve them, or our own professional and health behaviors. Both MAC keynote speakers addressed the current challenges faced by the health information community such as the explosive growth of health data and information and the gaps in health information accessibility. Yet, in addition to enthusiasm, I also noted the adaptability and resilience among MAC medical and health librarians in the face of the rapid changes and challenges, and noted the forward-looking discussions of both the community as a whole and the chapter itself.

Overall, attending MAC MLA was an invaluable and highly encouraging experience and I look forward to MAC 2019. I would like to thank all those who welcomed me and mentored me in this professional community to which I am very excited to belong and presented this scholarship to support my attendance. I would also like to thank my mentors and supervisors at Duke Medical Library who made my attendance possible.



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