Systematic Review Webinar on Thursday

Dear Colleagues,

On *Thursday at 3pm Eastern* I will be part of a team presenting a webinar titled* “Librarians: The Key to Powerful Systematic Reviews”* which is part of the “Best of SLA 2019” series. Registration info at bottom.

*Description:* It’s no surprise that research has demonstrated that systematic review teams with  librarians as co-authors have significantly higher quality search strategies than teams without librarians. Trained to understand the nuances of information seeking, librarians elevate systematic review teams and help them to construct systematic searches from a different perspective than co-authors with subject matter expertise.

What does it look like when librarians are part of the team? What benefits does librarian authorship provide for the team? And for the librarian?  How do libraries offer and promote systematic review partnership as a service?


Brandy King, MLS, FSLA
Owner/Independent Information Professional Knowledge Linking

Brian Schwartz, PhD, MLIS
Director of Library Services and Associate Professor of Medical Humanities Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Susan J. Stagno MD
Professor of Psychiatry and Bioethics
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

*Date: *Thursday, November 7 at 3pm Eastern

*Cost:* $49 for SLA members and $99 for non-members.

*Registration: * . Go to the “Best of 2019” series and it will drop down to a list of individual sessions where you can choose to register for just this one.

Brandy King, MLIS, FSLA
Knowledge Linking | Information services for nonprofits and small businesses
phone: (978) 697-6954
pronouns: she/her


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