Upcoming Webinars: Patient Safety and SCR CONNECTions in Review

Our first May webinar will be our SCR CONNECTions series, but this month’s session will be a little different. Join the SCR team as we look back at some of our favorite selections from the first two years of the series and share our thoughts on how these insights can help shape the region. Brian Leaf will be your host on Wednesday, May 9th at our usual time 10am CT / 9am MT. Full details can be found at the link below!

We will also be hosting the next session of our quarterly Patient Safety webinar series! Guest speaker Jessica Rangel will present Tipping the Culture in Healthcare – Mass Communication and Impacting Perception on Tuesday, May 15th at 1pm CT / 12pm MT in what promises to be an excellent session! Be sure to add it to your calendars! Be sure to check out the full details at the link below!

Upcoming SCR Webinars

From Field to Desktop: Insights from SCR CONNECTions

Time: Wednesday, May 9th at 10am CT / 9am MT

Speaker: Hosted by SCR Staff

Description: Twenty SCR CONNECTions presentations. Twenty-four expert speakers. As the SCR team enters its third year, we’re taking the time to curate and comment on some on the most insightful segments from past webinars you may have missed. Join Community Engagement Coordinator Brian Leaf and other SCR staff as they provide commentary and reflect on the lessons we’ve learned over the past two years from our presenters.

For more information: https://nnlm.gov/scr/training/connections

Tipping the Culture in Healthcare – Mass Communication and Impacting Perception

Time: Tuesday, May 15th at 1pm CT / 12pm MT Guest Speaker: Jessica Maack Rangel, MS RN, Senior Fellow, Nurse Executive at the Institute for Patient Safety at the University of North Texas Health Science Center

Description: The healthcare industry has worked diligently to achieve improved and sustained patient safety outcomes; however, the impact of improvement measures has been insufficient, especially when compared to high reliability organizations in aviation and nuclear power industries. What’s the difference, and what can healthcare learn from these organizations? This session is designed to be a thought-provoking appeal to examine healthcare messaging and its impact on patient safety. High reliability principles imbued with an interprofessional approach to communication design can make a difference. “Every system is perfectly designed to achieve the outcomes it gets.” Let’s tip the culture in a direction that drives safety.

For more information: https://nnlm.gov/scr/training/patient-safety-series

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