Webinar: Eye Health Across a Lifespan

Title: Eye Health Across a Lifespan
Guest Speaker: Iliana Molina, Director of EyeMobile for Children, UC San Diego and UC Irvine
Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Time: 10am CT / 9am MT

Description: May is Health Vision Month! To get more information about eye health, we’ll hear from the director of EyeMobile for Children, a California-based program providing eye exams and vision care for the underserved. This group aims to ensure that every child receive a comprehensive eye exam before 5 years of age, as to ensure any refractive error or risk can be successfully treated early. Eye health is important as it is often undetected by parents and doctors as young children do not know the difference between clear and blurry vision and in most cases, children do not experience pain nor can they differentiate good or bad vision as they were born with the vision they have. Participants of this session will get a quick look at how important eye health is from infancy to the elderly.  We will discuss topics which may affect all ages and cover issues which may have no symptoms.

Speaker Bio: Iliana Molina is the Director of the UC San Diego and UC Irvine EyeMobile for Children, who’s mission is to work with young children to ensure they have the vision health necessary to be successful in school and life.  She also serves as the clinical trial coordinator for UCSD Shiley Eye Institute, and in the past served as site coordinator for AREDS 2 (Age Related Eye Disease) Macular Degeneration research study. Iliana started her work with the UCSD EyeMobile in 2003 as an intern and has since been responsible for securing funding for the sustainability of the program. Whether meeting with donors or government agencies, her mission is the same: to ensure all children in Southern California have access to high quality eye care regardless of barriers. In 2015, Iliana was asked to join UC Irvine as the director of the UCI EyeMobile and bring her knowledge and experience to Orange County. Each year her teams screen over 20,000 children, deliver comprehensive exams for over 3,000 children, and provide over 1,000 prescription glasses to children who need them to see clearly. Iliana received a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Human Development from UC San Diego and has also completed her M.B.A. She is currently working to finish her Doctorate in Health Care Administration from the University of Phoenix. In 2016, she received the Breaking Away Award of Excellence and in 2018 the Public Health Care Champion Award from the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors and was also elected to the Child Care and Development Planning Council for San Diego County. Iliana has presented at APHA for the last 5 years and has been published in numerous journals.

For more information: https://nnlm.gov/scr/professional-development/connections. No registration is required for this class.

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