Your participation requested for online survey on interlibrary loan/document delivery during the pandemic

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider participating in our research on interlibrary loan/document delivery in health-related libraries in North America during the pandemic. Health-related libraries, those who serve health sciences programs, health professionals and/or health facilities, are invited to participate by completing the survey once per institution.  If your institution has multiple locations that do their own lending, each location that does its own lending is invited to complete the survey. We hope that the results may be useful for libraries to understand how services were affected and how to leverage that experience in the future.

The online survey consists of 26 questions about experiences from March-August 2020.  It is anonymous and takes about 15 minutes.  If you get interrupted while completing it, you can return to it in the same browser software. Computer addresses will be stripped from the survey responses before they are analyzed.


If you have any questions about participating, please contact Kristine Alpi at or (503) 494-0455.

Thank you for your consideration.
Kristine Alpi
Margaret Hoogland
Jennifer Lloyd
Elizabeth Meyer
Priscilla Stephenson

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