2014 MAC Election & Bylaws Vote

Dear MAC membership,

Voting for the 2014 MAC election will soon be underway.  The candidates that are running in this year’s election are as follows:

Chair-Elect – Lara Handler and Terri Ottosen

Secretary – Everly Brown and Katherine Downton

MLA Chapter Council Representative – Bart Ragon

MLA Chapter Council Representative Alternate – Beverly Murphy and Carolyn Schubert

MAC Nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee – Lori Hostuttler and Nancy Tannery

Biographical information and statements of interest for the candidates are available at http://macmla.org/elections/candidates_2014_2015.html

Ballots will be sent via email to current MAC members on Monday, August 11.  The deadline for voting will be Tuesday, September 9.  To determine your membership status, login to MAC’s new meeting registration and membership site at http://macmla.wildapricot.org and click on View Profile.  Memberships can be renewed online.

If you are a member of MAC and MLA (according to the MAC membership database) your ballot will include candidates for Chair-Elect, Secretary, MLA Chapter Council Representative, MLA Chapter Council Representative Alternate, and MAC Nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee.

If you are a member of MAC but not MLA (according to the MAC membership database), your ballot will include candidates for Chair-Elect and Secretary only.

Many thanks to the current Nominating Committee for pulling together such a competitive slate of candidates (http://macmla.org/committees/committees_13_14.html#nc).

Please note that along with the vote for 2014 candidates, this year MAC members will be asked to vote on the approval of the revised Bylaws. The revised Bylaws can be found at http://macmla.org/bylaws/2014_bylaws_vote.pdf.  According to the policy on Bylaws revision, this version has been approved by the MLABylaws Committee. All edits were made in order to fully adopt the MLA Model Bylaws for Chapters. Any substantial content that was removed from the approved Bylaws was integrated into the Policy & Procedure Manual (http://macmla.org/members/policy/index.html). Edits of note include an updated statement on quorum, removal of the definitions of member categories, removal of reference to the MAC Chapter Benchmarking Educator (a now defunct role), an updated statement on dissolution of a chapter, and an update to the bylaws revision section.

Big thanks go to Adam Glazer for his work posting the election andbylaws content for your review.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the upcoming election and/or the pending Bylaws vote.   Thank you in advance for your participation.

Stefanie Warlick

Immediate Past Chair

Chair, 2014 MAC Nominating Committee

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