8/2 NLM News updates

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has two new opportunities for organizations to help make sure uninsured Americans take advantage of the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

The “Partner with Us” tab at http://marketplace.cms.gov/  provides information about becoming a “Champion for Coverage” – nationally or in your state – and the myriad of ways to get involve

You can also find information about how an organization qualifies and how to apply to become a “Certified Application Counselor (CAC).”    Resources and educational materials that you can use are also available on this site.


Ruth Parker M.D., School of Medicine-Emory and  member of the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Health Literacy Roundtable, just created a new resource center that helps consumers understand and make health insurance decisions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

You are probably aware of a couple of recent IOM publications related to consumers and the ACA:

Patel, K.K., West, M.L., Hernandez, L.M., Wu, V.Y., Wong, W.F., Parker, R.M. 2013a. Helping Consumers Understanding and Use Health Insurance in 2014. Discussion Paper. Institute of Medicine: Washington, D.C. http://iom.edu/Global/Perspectives/2013/HelpingConsumersUnderstandandUseHealthInsurance.aspx.

Patel, K, Parker, R., Villarruel, A. and Wong, W. 2013b. Amplifying the Voice of the Underserved in the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Discussion Paper. Institute of Medicine: Washington, D.C. http://www.iom.edu/~/media/Files/Perspectives-Files/2013/Discussion-Papers/BPH-AmplifyingtheVoice.pdf

******A third publication: http://iom.edu/Global/Perspectives/2013/LetsAsk4.aspx

Includes a video and links to other materials.

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