Call for Book Proposals: Leadership and Management for Health Sciences Librarians

The MLA Books Panel is seeking author(s) or editor(s) for a monograph that provides guidance to health sciences librarians interested in the field of leadership and management. The monograph could include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

*   Trends in leadership in health science libraries, including leading multiple branches at once

*   Leading with diversity, equity and inclusion

*   Leading and valuing all library employees, including non-librarian staff

*   Differences between leadership and management

*   Leading from where you stand

*   Becoming an accidental manager

*   Reasons to take on a leadership role

*   Mentorship – seeking a mentor/being a mentor

*   Dealing with difficult situations with staff

*   Reflective practice and management/leadership

*   Change management

*   Communicating value

*   Important skills for leadership/management e.g., time management, project management, decision making, emotional intelligence

*   Finding a path to leadership

*   Preparing for accreditation – of the healthcare facility, the medical school, or of other health sciences educational programs

*   Special challenges faced by hospital librarians, including leading units outside the library

Please consider the list above as a jumping-off point rather than a prescriptive list.  You may write the book by yourself (or with other co-authors), or edit it and seek contributions from other authors.  We describe the submission process at Publish a Book with MLA.   To begin, submit your completed step 1 to Martha Lara ( at MLA by March 23, 2021. If you have questions about serving as the editor or the author of the entire volume, please contact We cannot consider contributions of individual chapters at this time.

Do you have an idea for a book on a topic other than leadership?  The Books Panel welcomes proposals on any topic likely to be of interest to health sciences librarians; simply fill in the step 1 formand submit it to More information on the publication process is available at Publish a Book with MLA.

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