Welcome to the New MAC Messages!

The Communications Committee, with approval from the Board, decided to revamp the format of our chapter news. Now you won’t have to wait for a quarterly newsletter – you’ll get updates on this, the new MAC Messages blog.

Much of the same information will be posted to the blog as was in the .pdf newsletter, like messages from the chair, news from around the states, and calls for conference and meeting posters and papers. With this blog, however, members can post other information like event announcements at their libraries, personnel changes, even video clips.

Why change to a blog now? The MLA social networking task force member survey reported that blogs were rated by 73% of respondents as “very to somewhat important” for chapters of MLA, with most of that percentage of folks using blogs in their professional lives. (See survey results at the MLA Task Force on Social Networking Software blog.) Also, six other MLA Chapters currently use blogs to communicate information to chapter members. MAC will now be joining those ranks.

Most importantly, blogs are much more interactive than newsletters. Chapter members can start a dialogue with each other by posting comments. It will be great to see what kind of information we can share with each other in this context.

Welcome to the MAC blog. If you have newsworthy items you’d like to see posted here, please send that information in an e-mail to macmlablog@gmail.com.

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