MAC Special Professional Development Award

Thinking about your professional development plans for the rest of 2011? Apply for the MAC Special Professional Development Award which provides up to $500 of support for an in-person or online development activity.

Applications are due August 15, 2011 and recipients of the award will be notified by August 23 in order that anyone requesting funding to take a continuing education course at the MAC Annual Meeting will have plenty of time to meet the MAC Early Registration deadline of Friday, September 02, 2011.

More about the award and application form are at

If you have questions about applying, please let me know. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Kris Alpi, Chair MAC Special Professional Development Award Committee Ruth Smith (VA) Jaime Blanck (MD).

Kristine Alpi, MLS, MPH, AHIP
Phone (919) 513-6219; Fax (919) 513-6400


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