MACMLA 2013: Learn More About Lee Gutkind

We invite you to join the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of MLA for a fascinating discussion with acclaimed author Lee Gutkind…

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Lee Gutkind’s books have been praised for being personal and universally informative and are very poignant for MAC members working in hospitals and in health care. Lee’s personal accounts and stories illustrate what it is like to be a nurse, a physician and the world of being a patient. Lee’s will share his life’s work in Tuesday Oct 15 talk “Writing about real medicine: you can’t make this stuff up!”

His recent book I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse contains powerful stories by nurse authors. Hear Lee discuss this book and hear the nurse authors tell their stories at RN/FM Radio.  Lee describes his method of telling stories and why they are important on Speaking volumes.

In his book, An Immense New Power to Heal: The Promise of Personalized Medicine he “follow the stories of innovative patients and doctors, including Michael Saks, who wanted to know if his family history of pancreatic cancer meant the disease was his destiny; Steve Murphy, the “Gene Sherpa” who set out to be the first private practitioner of personalized medicine; and Nobel winner Leland Hartwell, who helped discover biomarkers that explained the mechanisms of cancer. Gutkind and Kennedy giddily trumpet the extraordinary possibilities of technology and information in preventing sickness.” [Publishers Weekly]

When Lee writes he immerses himself in the environment of his story.  His award-winning Many Sleepless Nights, provides an inside chronicle of his 4 year journey into the world of organ transplantation.

The Veterinarian’s Touch originally titled An Unspoken Art, is a profile of veterinary medicine, and was a  Book-of-the-Month Club selection. He tells the stories of several very different veterinarians–from the upper east side Manhattan veterinarian (his clients include the Kennedy family, Henry Kissinger, Mary Tyler Moore) to a zoo veterinarian facing the daily challenges of doctoring elephants, panthers, grizzlies and rattlesnakes. This book focuses on the incredible dedication these doctors have toward the animals they treat, as well as Lee’s own wish that MDs be as sensitive to the needs and frailties of their human patients as VMDs are to their animal ones.

Lee likes to tell stories and he has authored books on other topics such as: The Best Seat in Baseball, but you have to stand; the game as umpires sees It; Truckin’ with Sam: A father and son travel across North America in a pickup truck—talking, laughing, fighting, and bonding; God’s Helicopter, is his story growing up in Pittsburgh and his experiencing the death of his best friend and Surviving Crisis which has prominent authors writing on events that proved to be turning points or memorable moments of catharsis and personal growth in their lives.

Not only is Lee a published novelist, he is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and serves as a consulting editor at National Public Radio in Washington, D.C. teaching narrative techniques to reporters, producers and editors on the Science Desk. Also as the former director of the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh, Lee Gutkind pioneered the teaching of creative nonfiction, conducting workshops and presenting readings throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Israel.

Lee Gutkind’s list of honorary achievements include: The Steve Allan Individual Award, by United Mental Health, Inc; Chancellor’s Award for Public Service; Meritorious Service Award by American Council on TransplantationHoward Blakeslee Award by the American Heart Association for “outstanding journalism; Golden Eagle Award by CINE, for the film, A Place Just Right; Recipient of National Endowment of the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship.

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