Need Some Funding for Research? – Applications Due : August 1, 2012

Well, February is quickly drawing to an end and many of us are either preparing to head to MLA 2012 or are thinking of preparing something for MLA 2013. If in preparation for submitting a proposal for the MLA 2013 meeting you find that you need some funding for your research, the MAC Research and Assessment Committee is offering Research Grants.

The purpose of the Research and Assessment Grants is to promote and stimulate excellence in the field of health science librarianship and the information sciences. Grants may be used to support all or part of the costs of a project, up to a maximum of $1000. MAC/MLA may award more than one grant in a year for a maximum of $1000 in any one year. Applications are due no later than August 1.

· Applicants must hold a graduate degree in library science

· Applicants must be practicing health science librarians

· The applicant must be a current member of MAC/MLA

Judging Criteria:
Applications for the Research and Assessment Grant will be reviewed and judged according to the criteria listed below:

·Judging will be completed by a group of 5 MAC/MLA members, including and lead by the Chair of the Research and Assessment Committee. Judges do not necessarily need to be a member of the Research and Assessment Committee.

· Applications missing any of the required items or failing to meet eligibility criteria will be excluded from consideration. At the discretion of the Research & Assessment Committee Chair, applicants who have submitted incomplete applications, will be notified and allowed to make corrections.

· Judges will review applications using the criteria below. For each item, judges will assign a rating on a scale of 1 (poor/strongly disagree) to 5 (very good/strongly agree).

· Scores will be added together, and the application(s) with the highest score(s) will be awarded the grant. The Chair will review judge’s scores and if any glaring discrepancies appear, they will be discussed. If judges are unable to come to an agreement, the Chair will make a final decision.

· At the discretion of the Chair, feedback from the judges can be presented by the Chair to applicants after the process is complete. Any feedback must be given in such a way that each judge’s contributions remain anonymous.

Application Information and Additional Details

Take Care,

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