Web 2.0: What is working for you?

As part of a plan to teach Web 2.0 and multimedia tools to user services staff at our health sciences library, I would like to get feedback from MAC members who use such tools in their library work or teach them to others.

This would include tools such as RSS feed aggregators, blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, online citation management, podcasting, YouTube, and other online applications.

I’d like to know the following:

1. Key ways Web 2.0 tools help you do your work (examples of how tools have helped you, your unit, or users accomplish tasks and achieve goals)

2. Best way(s) to help others learn to use these tools effectively

3. Specific tools you particularly recommend

4. Other suggestions or thoughts

To respond, please add your comment to this post, OR

Email me at bob_ladd@unc.edu to respond privately by email or to set up a phone appointment.

Thanks for your time and input!

Bob Ladd

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