Hypothesis journal: Call for copy editors, peer reviewers, and social media marketers

Hypothesis is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Medical Library Association Research Caucus, continuously published since 1987. Hypothesis provides a venue for original research and research-related content, including research studies and reflections on the process in order to encourage a broader, reflective conversation among MLA members, medical librarians, and librarians interested in research. Take a look at our latest issue, and you’ll notice some pioneering efforts, including a new column called Hypothesis:Failure that encourages us all to share hard-learned lessons.

As of our newest issue, we (co-editors Erin Foster and Carol Perryman) are very excited to have moved the publication to an open source platform found here https://journals.iupui.edu/index.php/hypothesis/issue/view/1509, and now we’re ready for the next step – we’re bringing others in as partners in this effort.

We’re looking for you, if you want to have a role in boosting the voice of medical librarians in a peer-reviewed journal that’s indexed in 5 databases, including CINAHL. If you want to learn about open-access publishing and expand your understanding of this movement, we want you!

If you’re a practitioner or library student, and you’re interested in growing and contributing as part of our team – we’re interested in working with you. If you lack experience in doing peer review, for example, we can help you learn. General expectations include: a one-year commitment, timely and responsive communication, and participation in Hypothesis planning meetings and process documentation efforts. None of the roles are paid.

Copy editors: We’re looking for a small team of people who have some experience in copy editing. This role requires close attention to detail, focusing on grammar, style, and other important elements of helping authors present their work for public access.

Peer reviewers: Peer review is a learn-as-you-go effort, and it’s truly rewarding to sharpen your critical evaluation skills. Guidelines for review are evidence-based.

Social media marketers: We’ve begun to send out calls for submissions, announce new articles, and call for award entries – but we’d like at least one person to take charge of this area. Create a marketing plan, document processes, and keep our name in the public eye.

If you hear this call and are intrigued, we want to hear from you. Please respond by February 14 with your contact information (preferred email and phone number), the role you’re interested in, and a brief description of your level of experience, if any. Ideally, we do want someone with experience for copy-editing, but all other roles do not necessarily require experience. You do not have to be a member of the MLA Research Caucus, but you DO need to be an MLA member.

We’ll respond and set up a time to talk by phone.

Looking forward to forming our new team!

Carol Perryman and Erin Foster

Co-editors, Hypothesis



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