[MEDLIBS] Input Requested [Apr 9]: New MLA Caucus for Asian + Diaspora members


Hello colleagues,

In preparation to create an MLA caucus that centers the needs and issues of those MLA members who identify as Asian (Southeast Asian, South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, which includes all those who identify as adoptees, mixed race, and/or mixed ethnicity), we are soliciting your input.

Please fill out this short survey by April 9, 2021. We hope to build a community-driven Caucus, and your responses will be taken into consideration while deciding on the name and purpose/goals.

Feel free to direct any questions, comments, or concerns to any of the founding members listed below.


Andrea Kang (she/her), andrea.kang@tufts.edu

Chelsea Misquith (she/her), misquith@brown.edu

Seema Bhakta (she/her), seema.bhakta@providence.org

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